Monday, February 21, 2011

At a Glance

This is a little snapshot into my life.  I love to share my life with others so what better way than through photos I have collected online and from my personal collection.

This is the beautiful town I live in, Eugene, Oregon.  It's quirky, and weird but it is very beautiful and home to some of my favorite places and people.

This is my wonderful boyfriend, Derek.  He is my best friend and makes me so happy!

Michelle is my amazing roommate.  We are more like sisters than friends but that is what makes her so great.

This is the SEXY SIX!  Best roommates for life from sophomore year.

I love redbull!  Especially from dutchbros where they add flavored syrup.  

Anything country has my heart.

My three beautiful nieces.  Even though none of them are biological, I'm still their Aunty Lo. {From top to bottom: Riley, Sarah, Bailey dog}

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