Saturday, May 28, 2011

Summer Fashion

There are a few things that I love to wear in the Summer. 
I think certain things are important to include in your Summer wardrobe.

First is a good swimsuit.  It doesn't matter what kind or what it looks like so much as if it fits well.  Not everyone has kick ass body which is totally okay. (Most of us don't)  This doesn't mean you shouldn't rock a swimsuit, just makes sure that it fits your body type.  It's more about how you carry yourself in a well fitted swimsuit than how cute the swimsuit is.

Sunglasses are also a must.  I'm a huge fan of aviator sunglasses.  I love them but again it's important to make sure they fit your face well. Nobody bug eyes or even worse tiny look eyes.

A fun flowing dress is key.  It's good to find one that you can dress up or down.  Also try to find one that you can layer with.  The more you can do with a dress, the better the investment.

A lose tank top is also a nice thing to have.  Tight tanks may show off your curves more but when you are spending the day outside in the heat it's nice to have something that won't stick to you with sweat. Also having something that flows in the wind is cute and helps you stay cooler.

Button up shirts are one my favorite things.  They are perfect for so many occasions.  Like pairing with pants, shorts, even skirts or over dresses.  My personal favorite way to wear it is over a swimsuit.

Speaking of shorts, having a good pair of jean shorts is key.  Other kinds of shorts are great but there is something that only jeans shorts can offer.  I like it when they are a little wore out too.  It makes them feel not so dressed up and I feel like Summer is a time for dressing down.

A light weight sweater is another good thing to have.  Sometimes it gets chilly in the evening and having something simple to throw on over is perfect.

I love wearing hats in the Summer.  It makes any outfit look that much cuter and there are so many different choices that everyone can find one to their liking.

Now shoes.  I think it's key to have a good sandal.  Being able to walk in them for hours is important.  Having a cute sandal heel is also a good idea.  You can use it to dress up an outfit.  Perfect for summer date nights.

These are just a few of the things that I think are important for summer.  Here are so outfits that I love the look. 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer Beauty

There are a few things that I love to wear during the summer.  In the summer having a quick routine frees up so much more time to do other activities.  The simpler, the better is my motto.  

First having a good face wash is key.  I love Purity by Philosophy.  It is gentle on your face but still makes it feel clean.  Sweat and dirt are a major factor in my summer life and having a good face wash helps get rid of grime.

Having a good sunless tanner is also key.  Spending too much time in the sun isn't good for you skin.  I should know, I worked at a tanning salon for years.  A sunless tanner is good for evening out skin tone and providing an extra glow.  Lets be honest, as much as you would love to spend everyday outside getting a nice glow, its just not possible.  Tanning Bed in a Tube by Too Faced provides a deep glow without looking too fake.

I love wearing shimmer in natural tones in the summer.  This Bobbi Brown is great to wear on your eyes and cheeks.  I love being able to use the same color to highlight your cheekbones as well as your eye lids.  It gives a natural glowing look with very little effort.  Plus this Bobbi Brown has a white that is great for highlighting the inner corners of your eyes, instantly making them look bigger.

To finish off your eyes you need a great mascara.  I feel like this is one of the hardest things to find.  I'm always trying new ones and recently I found one that I love. Well at least for the moment love.  It's Buxom by Bare Essentials. I don't really like waterproof mascara because I feel like it clumps and is hard to get off later.  I love that is mascara doesn't run when you get sweaty.

I also love having a light pink lip gloss on hand.  I love lipstick, especially brightly colored ones but when you are out and about all day in the sun it's not always the easiest to keep lips looking nice.  I love that you can throw lip gloss on and go.  You also don't need a mirror to apply it which makes it great. 

Last but certainly not least is a nice perfume.  I'm obsessed with Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana. I switch my perfumes up according to the weather and this is one I love to wear when it's hot out.  It's light smell doesn't make you feel like you're trying to cover up that sweaty smell.  It simple adds a light fresh smell to you which I think is key.  

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Hump Day

Today's turn in weather is actually a blessing.  
After yesterday's wonderful day in the sun, I need to buckle down and get lots of work done.  
I can't believe only two more weeks until I'm done with this term.  
There is so much coming up, I'm actually looking forward to the next couple of weeks. 
Normally, I dread the end of the term, all the last minute work and tests, but since so many good thins are happening, I'm super excited! 
I have two birthdays, a baby shower to plan, and a grad party to attend.  
I also have two friends that are excepting their first babies in June.  
So many good things happening.  
Oh plus Michelle's, my roommate, sister got engaged over the weekend, so congratulations to Eileen and Tyler.  
So many things to be excited for.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Bailey Puppy

{Wear her birthday bow}
Even though she is not my dog, I have been there since the day Bailey has come home.
She is very important to me and I love her dearly.
She seems to cheer me up and make me feel better when I'm sick.
Bailey has a way with people that just make them love her.
And well just look at that face, what's not to love?
 {One of her first days home, sleeping with Derek}
{Humble Bagel Pup}
{Reping Oregon Hockey}
{White puppy on white bed}

Friday, May 20, 2011

Warm Weather Food

{Oven Baked Parmesan Fries via }
I have recently been on a new recipe kick.  
I love trying new foods 
and some of my favorite dishes are prefect in warmer weather.
I can't wait for this weekend to try some new recipes out.
I hope everyone has a great weekend and here are some
inspirations for great summer food.

{Avocado and bacon grill cheese via }
{Brisket tortillas with green chilli, tomatillo and cucumber salsa via }

Thursday, May 19, 2011


One of my favorite things about the weather getting warmer is lemonade.
I love the tangy sweetness of it.  It is the most refreshing drink to me.
I also love how creative people get when serving lemonade.
Drinking it out of a mason jar with fresh strawberries is one of my favorite ways to drink it.
I love love LOVE Trader Joe's sparkling pink french lemonade.
It seems like whenever I'm having an especially bad day, 
Derek will get me some and my whole day will be made better. 
{I think it's more the gesture on Derek's behalf} 
I am excited to try some new lemonade recipes this summer.
The lemonade below is strawberry basil lemonade. Sounds yummy to me!
{My favorite!}
{Aren't these super cute}

{All images via pinterest}

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wishful Thinking

With only 3 and half more weeks until Summer I'm extremely happy to see the sun today.
Unfortunately for me, summer will only be a week long before summer school starts.
But in the mean time I can pretend that it's above 75 degrees 
and that I need a light, simple dress and iced coffee to keep me cool.

dream day

Bibico jersey dress
35 GBP -

Dorothy Perkins camel handbag
18 GBP -

Michael kors watch
$195 -

Ray Ban aviator sunglass
$139 -

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Challah French Toast

The other weekend Derek and I stayed at my parent's house.
I had a baby shower Saturday to attend and Sunday was 
Mother's Day, so it only made sense to stay with my parents.
Saturday morning my parents were awake and off to run errands before I got even get enough coffee in me to think.  
So it was just Derek and I for Breakfast.  
One thing I love about going home is all the wonderful food my parents always have; so it didn't take long to come up with something to make.
We ended up making Challah bread french toast.  
While I fried some bananas in brown sugar and butter, Derek chopped up strawberries.  
We then layered the bananas and strawberries on top of the french toast and topped it off with a little bit of Greek yogurt.  The mix of sweet Challah made into french toast with fresh and fired fruits mixed so well with tangy-ness of the yogurt. 
Oh and to really make it over the top we sprinkled powered sugar on top. {mostly just for looks} 
It was one of the best breakfasts I have ever had.  
I'm so glad I grabbed my camera and got a few pictures before it died. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

shrimp, short stuff, shortie, whatever you want to call me...

{I'm always the shortest in group}

I feel like more and more lately I've been noticing my height.
I know this sounds like a little weird and a bit funny but it's something that keeps popping up.
I'm on the shorter side being a whole 5 feet 3 inches, but it has never really bothered me until recently.
I like being short for the fact that most guys are taller than me and I don't have to worry about if that intimidates them.  
I also don't have to worry about if pants are going to long enough.  
They always are! 
But there are a few things that I have been getting at me lately.  
Like the fact that even though I don't have to worry about pants being too short, I do have to always get them hemmed.  
Meaning it's at least another week before I get to wear my new pants.  
Now some of you might think that is why pants come in short, regular, and long, but I was blessed very short legs.  
So short of legs that I even cuff the bottoms of my jeans that I got in short.  
I also can't reach a lot of things.  
I have to have a step stool in my kitchen and I have to use it to reach the second shelve. 
This makes me very irritated when I need to grab something quickly when cooking. 
I think the biggest thing that has really made me notice my height disadvantage is the fact that I can't wear a lot of the new summer fashions.  
I know this sounds silly to some of you but the fact that I can't wear a maxi dress without looking like a child in her mother's clothes makes me sad.  
I know I could get them hemmed but then I feel like it looks out of proportion and silly on me. 
I also feel like being tall makes you look so much more mature and elegant.
I feel like sometimes I'm just that short girl trying to look older than she is but I really am an adult!
So I'm seeking others advice on this matter; do you think it is an advantage or disadvantage being on the shorter side?
 {And again the shortest one}

Friday, May 13, 2011

Have a Wonder Weekend

I'm off to Portland for the night to watch the Winterhawks play.
Then tomorrow night drinks and dinner before Derek's last hockey party.  
I hope everyone has a wonder weekend!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Longing for Summer

After yesterday's yucky weather, I have changed my mind and I'm totally ready for Summer.  
If you know me, you know I can never make up my mind.  I am always changing it.  
Never ask me where we should go out to eat; I will never make a decision. 
So once again I have changed my mind and I'm ready for Summer.  
No more magazines in Bed; I'm ready to lay out in the sun and read a great book.  
Since it is only partly sunny today, but still very cold, 
I will just pretend that my life is like these pictures today.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cloudy Spring Days

Its funny how every spring I almost long for it to be winter. 
The biggest reason is because it's not truly sunny in Oregon until late June.  
So one day of sun and the next full of clouds makes me want to curl up in bed 
and drink hot tea, eat cookies, and read a magazine. 
I feel guilty for doing this since I know that is spring and 
feel like I can only justify this behavior when it is actually winter.  
But with the weather so yucky out today after such a beautiful day yesterday, 
it makes me long for my bed... 
or for the sun to actually stay out!
{Can you imagine how great it would be
 to spending a winter day in this bed?}

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Normally I'm not one for sweets, but lately it seems like that's all I want to eat.  
Maybe it's because I'm trying to be healthier and keep telling myself no sugar. 
I always seem to want to eat sweets when I can't have them but the minute I give in 
and eat the goodness I can only eat a few bites before I feel a sugar over load. 
I guess it's a good thing that I don't eat tons of sweets but I just wish I could stop craving them.  
Here are some yummy treats that just looked too good to not to share.
Images{1 2 3 4 5}

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

This weekend I had a major fail!  
My camera died and I forgot to bring my charger to my parents house with me. 
Since I don't have any picture really to share from this weekend,
I thought I would show a pictures of my mom and I from the other weekend when we went to Wicked.  
By the way, best play I have seen in a long time. 
I LOVED it! 
And so did my mom,
so this post is to my mom and going to see Wicked with her.

Friday, May 6, 2011


{BBQ chicken pizza before it was baked}

Lately I have been obsessed with PIZZA.  
Normally I love pizza but in the past couple of weeks I haven't been able to get enough of it.  
Twice last week Derek and I made homemade pizza.  
Once planned and the second spontaneously. 
I'm even having homemade pizza tonight at my parents house.  
They make the best homemade pizza!  
Anyways, our first was BBQ chicken pizza with cilantro and red onions.  
The second time we made pizza I used Alfredo sauce on tortillas 
with cilantro and onions we had left over.  
Oh and course we used lots and lots of cheese both times.   
{Bailey helping Derek and I cook}
{BBQ Chicken pizza after it was baked}
{Tortilla Cheese Pizza}