Thursday, April 14, 2011

Things I'm loving

Today has been surprisingly a good day.  
My Thursdays are normally crazy, but today as gone smoothly so far. 
So I thought I would share something that are just making my day extra good.
OPI's new line of colors called Texas. 
I am a huge Texas fan. 
I love it there!!!
I think it is absolutely beautiful there and these new nail colors make me extra
excited to paint my nails.  
Turkey Bagel Sandwiches.  
I had one for lunch and it was amazing.
Mine was on an everything bagel which made it extra tasty.
Sperry top-siders
I really want a pair! They are simple but put together.
They would be perfect for running to class or doing errands.
I love all the colors they come in too.
My favorite!
I love Bailey dog.  
She has been so loving lately too,
which adds to her cuteness.
Cranberry Orange Scones
I was looking at one of my favorite blogs {cupcakes and cashmere} 
and Emily had these wonderful looking {scones}
I can't wait to make some myself this weekend!

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