Thursday, October 27, 2011

5 Things

{Corn beef hash Sandwich.  
This pictures was actually taken a couple of 
weeks ago but I'm still obsessing over how good it was!} 

This week I decided to do a list of 5 things I'm loving right now, but I couldn't arrow it down.  So instead of leaving out some things I decided why not just make it 8 things that I loving.  Here are 8 things that I'm currently loving.
{These AMAZING  Miu Miu shoes 
via Blonde Salad!  If only I could afford $890 shoes.}
{This great picture of Bailey of this 
wonderful blog The Joyful Shoe Horn}
{I love the Sally Hansen Salon Effects.   
I wore this on my 5 day backpacking trip and 
they still looked good as new by the end.  
I can't wait to get some sparkly ones for Halloween.}
 {This book is absolutely hilarious. 
I haven't finished it because school work has gotten 
in the way, but it worth looking into.} 
{I know the photo of Bailey was already one of my things,
but being sick and having this cute things to cuddle
has definitely been a plus.}
{This is a hand-me-down Donney and Bourke from 
my mother.  It is the perfect size for running
a quick errand.}
{Cosmo!  Finally it came in the mail.  
I have been obsessively checking the mail
all month waiting for it.}

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