Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Over Break

I hate how long it takes me to get anything done.  
Not to mention how forgetful I am.  
Over spring break I forgot my camera cord to upload photos 
so I couldn't blog about anything I did over break.  
No that I'm back in the swing of things I able to share some of the things I did.

One Sunday, Derek and I spent the day with our good friends Adam and Lindsay.  
They live up in Portland and we hardly ever get to see them so it was a treat! 
We went to OMSI {Oregon Museum of Science and Industry}
and out to lunch at the Widmer Brewery.  
We got to see a real mummy and I even got to pet a snake.  
It was tons of fun and I always enjoying being able to see them.
 {Lindsay and Adam}
{Derek and I}

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