Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Term

There are a few things I hate about Spring term. 
First, the stupid people that dress like it's summer.  We are in OREGON! 
And it's only the end of March.  
There will be plenty of time to wear your shorts and minis come May.  
Today was the first day in forever that it actually even got to 60 degrees.  
Secondly, I hate how people's IQ seem to drop since the sun has come out.  
Just cause it is sunny does not mean to hoard in the walkways on campus!  
I'm all for being outside when it is sunny but don't stop to talk on the main path.  

Okay, enough bitching... 
I real reason for this post is for the things I do love about spring time.
They are fruity and cold- a perfect afternoon snack.

There are so many different beautiful flowers.  
Peonies are my favorite!
They don't actually bloom till May but I just love them!
Finally an excuse to wear your favorite shades!

{Light Scarves}
It's too cold in Oregon to wear them in the winter
but now it is the perfect time of year.

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