Monday, March 28, 2011


I'm so proud to finally be able to show off pictures of my new living room!  
My father, roommate, and I spent a great deal of finals week redoing my living room.  
We painted the walls, rearranged a few things and put up new art.  
I'm so excited about how it turned out.  

My favorite part is the wall with all the frames on it.  
I spent a total of twenty-nine dollars on it! 
I got the mismatched frames from Goodwill {total of twenty-two dollars} 
and used black spray paint, from a previous project, to paint them black.  
Then I went to Craft Warehouse and got different scrapbooking paper to fill the frames.  
The other odds and ends where just laying around my parents house. 
{My mom has tons and tons of little things, and said she wouldn't miss a few.} 
I then marked off an area on my wall and filled it with different frames and things.

I love the way it all turned out and looks great in my new living space.


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