Friday, March 25, 2011

pink, pink, and more pink

Even though the weather is not looking much like spring, 
I am loving that bright pink is being seen everywhere.  
Pink is one of my favorite colors and I'm so excited to see it popping up.  
Here are my favorite pink things that are showing up.
Pink lipstick.  
If you can't tell I am obsessing over bright pink lips.  
I love that it can add a little to any outfit.
This cardigan from {free people} is cute. 
It is not super bold but the little details on the 
sleeves and bottom allow it to stand out.
I love this button up from {jcrew}.  
It can be paired with so many different things 
and can be dressed up or down. 
I love how versatile it is.
So I know these {jcrew} shorts are not bright pink 
but they are just too cute not to put up. 
Pairing these shorts with a cute sweater can 
give a relaxed but polished look.

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