Saturday, May 28, 2011

Summer Fashion

There are a few things that I love to wear in the Summer. 
I think certain things are important to include in your Summer wardrobe.

First is a good swimsuit.  It doesn't matter what kind or what it looks like so much as if it fits well.  Not everyone has kick ass body which is totally okay. (Most of us don't)  This doesn't mean you shouldn't rock a swimsuit, just makes sure that it fits your body type.  It's more about how you carry yourself in a well fitted swimsuit than how cute the swimsuit is.

Sunglasses are also a must.  I'm a huge fan of aviator sunglasses.  I love them but again it's important to make sure they fit your face well. Nobody bug eyes or even worse tiny look eyes.

A fun flowing dress is key.  It's good to find one that you can dress up or down.  Also try to find one that you can layer with.  The more you can do with a dress, the better the investment.

A lose tank top is also a nice thing to have.  Tight tanks may show off your curves more but when you are spending the day outside in the heat it's nice to have something that won't stick to you with sweat. Also having something that flows in the wind is cute and helps you stay cooler.

Button up shirts are one my favorite things.  They are perfect for so many occasions.  Like pairing with pants, shorts, even skirts or over dresses.  My personal favorite way to wear it is over a swimsuit.

Speaking of shorts, having a good pair of jean shorts is key.  Other kinds of shorts are great but there is something that only jeans shorts can offer.  I like it when they are a little wore out too.  It makes them feel not so dressed up and I feel like Summer is a time for dressing down.

A light weight sweater is another good thing to have.  Sometimes it gets chilly in the evening and having something simple to throw on over is perfect.

I love wearing hats in the Summer.  It makes any outfit look that much cuter and there are so many different choices that everyone can find one to their liking.

Now shoes.  I think it's key to have a good sandal.  Being able to walk in them for hours is important.  Having a cute sandal heel is also a good idea.  You can use it to dress up an outfit.  Perfect for summer date nights.

These are just a few of the things that I think are important for summer.  Here are so outfits that I love the look. 

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