Monday, May 16, 2011

shrimp, short stuff, shortie, whatever you want to call me...

{I'm always the shortest in group}

I feel like more and more lately I've been noticing my height.
I know this sounds like a little weird and a bit funny but it's something that keeps popping up.
I'm on the shorter side being a whole 5 feet 3 inches, but it has never really bothered me until recently.
I like being short for the fact that most guys are taller than me and I don't have to worry about if that intimidates them.  
I also don't have to worry about if pants are going to long enough.  
They always are! 
But there are a few things that I have been getting at me lately.  
Like the fact that even though I don't have to worry about pants being too short, I do have to always get them hemmed.  
Meaning it's at least another week before I get to wear my new pants.  
Now some of you might think that is why pants come in short, regular, and long, but I was blessed very short legs.  
So short of legs that I even cuff the bottoms of my jeans that I got in short.  
I also can't reach a lot of things.  
I have to have a step stool in my kitchen and I have to use it to reach the second shelve. 
This makes me very irritated when I need to grab something quickly when cooking. 
I think the biggest thing that has really made me notice my height disadvantage is the fact that I can't wear a lot of the new summer fashions.  
I know this sounds silly to some of you but the fact that I can't wear a maxi dress without looking like a child in her mother's clothes makes me sad.  
I know I could get them hemmed but then I feel like it looks out of proportion and silly on me. 
I also feel like being tall makes you look so much more mature and elegant.
I feel like sometimes I'm just that short girl trying to look older than she is but I really am an adult!
So I'm seeking others advice on this matter; do you think it is an advantage or disadvantage being on the shorter side?
 {And again the shortest one}

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  1. Hi I think short is an advantage. You are tall compared to me at a little less than 5 feet. Remember it is the size of the spirit, not the gal!