Thursday, May 19, 2011


One of my favorite things about the weather getting warmer is lemonade.
I love the tangy sweetness of it.  It is the most refreshing drink to me.
I also love how creative people get when serving lemonade.
Drinking it out of a mason jar with fresh strawberries is one of my favorite ways to drink it.
I love love LOVE Trader Joe's sparkling pink french lemonade.
It seems like whenever I'm having an especially bad day, 
Derek will get me some and my whole day will be made better. 
{I think it's more the gesture on Derek's behalf} 
I am excited to try some new lemonade recipes this summer.
The lemonade below is strawberry basil lemonade. Sounds yummy to me!
{My favorite!}
{Aren't these super cute}

{All images via pinterest}

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