Monday, June 6, 2011


With the term rapidly ending and so much on my plate I sometimes need to find a minute to relax.
So I thought I would share some of my do's and dont's of relaxing in a stressful moment.

First when you need a moment to relax turn things off around you. Don't look for t.v. or internet to relax you.  These are things that still stimulate the mind.  Especially avoid facebook.   I know we all do give ourself a break from studying by looking at facebook but it doesn't relax you.  It's just puts you in a mode of procrastination.  Instead take a moment to clear your head.  Maybe close your eyes and count to 30. It's amazing how shifting gears in your mind can really help.

Another tip is take a shower and enjoy it.  Let that next 30 minutes of showering and getting ready be yours.   Also don't think about a to do list while in the shower.  The ruins the point of escaping. 

That leads me to my next tip, make a to do list.  I'm a huge fan of making lists.  One, it helps you not forget to do anything.  I'm one that gets stressed easily which adds to my disorganized life.  Making lists help keep you get organized and on pace to finishing things on time.  It's also so satisfying to mark things off once you have completed them.  

I like to be clean and organized when I have a lot going on.  It helps me feel more in control and like less is going on.  Doing this is simple as taking the 30 seconds to do your dishes when your done eating.  It really doesn't take long to clean up right away.  This helps keep messes from being distractions.

My last tip is to remain confident and calm.  There is no point in freaking out. (even though we all do it)  I have learned from many experiences that it doesn't help and just escalates the situation.  Instead remind yourself that you CAN do this.  You have accomplished harder things in your life and one day this will seem so simple compared to another task you will have to complete.  Plus, if it really is one of the hardest things you have ever done, once you have completed it you will have bragging rights.

Last thing to remember is to reward yourself once you're done.  It can be as simple as eating ice cream in bed.  Just do something for yourself.

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