Friday, June 3, 2011

Loved Jewelry

There are a few pieces of jewelry that I love to wear. 
I seem to wear them time and time again.
First up my favorite watch.
I love the camel beige color.  
It goes with everything.
My favorite earrings also are the same color.  
I love how they are craved, giving them an unique look.
I have two rings that are my favorite.  
I don't wear them the most but they are my favorites.
The first one is a turquoise ring from my parents.
The second one is a vintage ring that my mom got when she was my age.
There are three bracelets that I love.
The first is the silver braided one.  
It also was my mom's at one point.
Second is a silver tin bracelet that I got at the Portland Saturday Market.
It once was a English tea tin that has been made into a bracelet.
The last is my most treasure piece.
It is my Tiffany's bracelet.
I got it from my parents for High School graduation.
I wear it almost everyday.

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